when they parlez-vous me, then i gotta confess: that's for me

bonjour, cheries! i’m writing from my room in paris, recovering from a long night of eurotrash. i’m one week into my five week study abroad program, which explains my absence. this past week has felt like a full year, absolutely packed with activities and memories, but unfortunately i have to pay for internet service, so documenting them here is a little harder than usual. i’ve resorted to writing posts in ms word, making my pictures on photoshop, and then logging on quickly just to post. but since i’m being so frugal otherwise, i’m allowing myself some time to check up on my favorite blogs.. i’m starting to experience withdrawal.

here in paris, i’m taking a third-year level French language course, along with history and culture classes. we take lots of walks and field trips in the afternoons, evenings and on weekends as ‘classroom material supplements,’ but in all honesty, they’re just excuses to see the beautiful city for free. outside of class, each person in our group of fourteen has been assigned to mini one or two day internships, like teaching young french students english or working with winemakers. we’re also signed up to receive cooking lessons and have dinner with french families over the course of the program, along with meeting and hanging out with french students. the days are long, but i’m loving every second of it. and since i received a compliment on one my outfits (not pictured, though it pretty much resembled this) from a real parisienne, i’m pretty sure that my mission in life is quite complete. below are a couple of my recent outfits. i finally found a proper place to set my camera, so hopefully i’ll be able to get more up in the future.

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*left - scarf: mama pandora; sunnies: ray-ban (my first paris purchase!); necklace: tiffany’s; tee: h&m; dress: vintage, belt: nordstrom; right – sunnies: papa pandora; top: h&m; skirt: macy’s; necklace: h&m; purse: mama pandora

i could really get used to the city, though the amorous couples in the streets are making me miss my significant other like crazy. the background picture above is one of a growing series of pictures of the eiffel tower. as we walked around the city in the first couple of days, i made a habit of snapping pictures of it in the distance, documenting my approach until i finally found it. then on a boat ride on the seine, i finally saw it in all his glory, and for the life of me, i could not stop taking pictures. i’d taken about fifteen beautiful ones, but i kept snapping until it was out of sight. that night, we decided to take a walk to see it.. from the other side of the city. we followed it by sight on foot for about an hour or so, until we reached it at the stroke of midnight, just as began to sparkle. parfait, ouais? paris, je t'aime.

p.s.: there is a god after all! i sadly had to leave new york on the day before vampire weekend and kid sister played for free in central park, but vampire weekend is playing here in paris next week. life is good.


Meg said...

Holy crap, you have some mad styling skills, I'm sort of jealous. If I wear anything with a bow on my head, I look like quite the weirdo.

gilda said...

oh my i really am quite envious taht you're in paris!!!! i would love to go one day... when i've finally saved up or something!

kitty kate said...


LML said...

oh how i envy you sooo much!!!
paris + vampire weekend = ive died and gone to heaven lol

Fashion Ivy said...

Gosh every one is in Paris. You are probably the 15th blogger who's blogging from paris

Shiny Kid said...

hey girl,I loooove yr blog! Mind if I add it to my sidebar? :]

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

love how you wore this scarf!