i believe in love, don't you believe in love?

i finally broke my unspoken moratorium on jewelry purchases! and it's all thanks to the help of a brooklyn-based genius named erica weiner. i've heard her name here and there in the past, but like most passing information, i filed it away in what i thought was a sealtight file of things to look further into, when in reality i simply forgot. anyway, i found her website via a link to her krakatoa necklace and my jaw dropped. for a vintage junkie like myself, the site couldn't have been more perfect-like a page ripped out of a turn of the century naturalist's journal. and then the necklace itself, so whimsical and a perfect representation of everything conveyed by the text.. i was hooked.

i immediately checked out every single piece and realized that i want just about everything, but with only a few pieces topping out at over a hundred dollars, i noted with glee that, once i resume having a salary, of course, i can actually get my hands on these divine pieces. amaaazing. and then i got so darn excited, i lost my cool and bought a set of two belt bracelets for twenty bucks. next up? the "freewheelin' necklace." i swear, my heart literally leapt when i laid eyes on that title, and the descriptive text didn't disappoint, either: "named for our favorite jew from hibbing, minnesota." i am so sold. after that, i'm thinking i'm gonna go for the porcupine quill earrings, and then those cheeky name bracelets..

friends, i believe my dry spell is over.

p.s.: this is my last jewelry-related post for a while, promise. you all have probably noticed my unfortunate habit of becoming fixated on one thing or another, and lately it's been baubles on the brain, but with my last year of college looming on the horizon, i'm definitely on the brink of moving on to bigger and better things. stay tuned.

[image credit: erica weiner]


Mint Harvest said...

that jewelry is amazing! i'm a big fan of the showgirl necklace! haha

Gisela said...

Those porcupine earrings are the sh*t! Definitely get'em!

Alexandra said...

I really love the simple button necklace. So cute! And that Freewheelin' necklace is great.

Velo said...

i love the name accessories!
oh yaaa i have the same bracelet like the gold one, but mine is silver. =D

Damsels said...

all of that jewelry is gorgeous .
they all look antiqueish

xs said...

what beautiful pieces!

Appeal to the Eye said...

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Muuuuuch Love

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these are so gorgeous!!