the time has come

i'm currently on a bus to boston. i'm spending the night at sara's, and then we're road tripping to vermont in the am. we're planning on stopping at ben & jerry's on the way to eat ice cream 'til we're sick. when we hit vermont, we're going to see BOB FREAKIN' DYLAN play (which fulfills one of my life dreams, by the way) with willie nelson and john mellencamp, no less. then, if we can manage to recover from the glory of that experience, we're going to explore the burlington nightlife.. word on the street is there's a 90's party out there with my name on it. we're staying at meaghan's tomorrow night, and doing some more small town browsing on saturday. then we're gonna hit the road again, looking for any and all roadside attractions we can find. then we're hitting the movies saturday night, before i head home on sunday.

or that's the plan, anyway.

EPIC EPIC EPIC. see you on the other side.


Young Damsel said...

ohmygooodness!!! have an amazing timeeeee--and blog all about it please!!<333

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

I'M SO JEALOUS YOU'RE SEEING DYLAN. sooooo jealous! please take pics!

Gisela said...

can't wait to see pics from your travels!

Anonymous said...


Nicole said...

I totally understand how you felt making the trek to see your favorite musician EVER!

Felt the same way about Band of Horses when I flew to the other side of the country to see them perform. Seriously, I live in D.C and had no qualms about hopping a plane to California to see them perform before they head overseas. I freaking LOVE them, and understand your love for Bob Dylan. So glad you had an awesome time! Isn't hard to put in words, the affinity? Luckily, for ourselves we don't have to ;)