i'll pretend my ship's not sinking

ever since i caved and finally bought danny roberts' "girls in glasses" tee back in june, i've been totally faithful to my graphic tee ban. it's not that i don't love them, but i've bought so many over the past few years that i simply have too many, and after a good bout of wears, i inevitably grow tired of them. but naturally, it's only a matter of time before the right tee swoops right in and sweeps me off my feet, right? 

right. enter seasick mama, "a brooklyn-based canvas to clothing apparel company" who emailed me recently and instantly weakened my steely anti-tee resolve upon viewing. 

first of all, let's direct our attention to the blunt beauty on the left. did ever a t-shirt sum up my life so succinctly? i think not—must have. and that goth face tee is simply divine, almost delicately ethereal with that barely discernible smoke puff rendered in white on white upon a dark lip.

taylor and i used to rhapsodize all the time about the sweet graphic tees we'd create one day, with sparse text and images that would convey a bit of wit and self-deprecation at first glance. but, considering that taylor and i are a couple of long-winded dreamers with mile-long lists of untouched plans, i'm pretty glad that seasick mama has gone and done it with this perfect good and evil tee. they've even got a couple of cheeky lacy bras screened onto tees, should i reneg on friday's promise to myself to invest some real time and money into solidifying my stash of lacy things.

my instincts tell me to simply narrow my favorites down to one, make the plunge, and try to stave off more tee purchases for a month or two, but then i saw the prices.. so reasonable! consider my willpower faltering.. i have no idea what i'm going to do with myself when their collection of cardigans hits.

[image credit: seasick mama]


Margaux. said...

I'm not really a graphic tee fan. Some are cute, but they never really call to me.

I have one that I made myself, for the purpose of lounging around in, but that is all.

Anonymous said...

Seasick mama would be cool if it wasn't started by the lamest chick ever. You've got cute style stick to what you've got girl!

Damsels said...

nothing wrong with graphic tees!
but i dont have that many actually

STARR said...

Nice tees and photos!

Raez said...

too cute. i adore graphic shirts as well. its a nice break from all those boring white tanks:)

xx raez

Lissa said...

Oh how I love all of these tees! :]

Leahhhrr said...

lovely blog, thanks for looking at mine xxxx

FrouFrouu said...

Undecided on graphic tees for now, it'd have to be the perfect print. Have to admit, the third is rather appealing nonetheless.


The Haute-Shopper said...

I'm like you... I went through a phase where I bought tons of graphic tees (just found them to be the easiest thing to match with jeans, skirts etc.), then I realized I had too many and stopped, instead focusing on plain tops. I can see why you fell in love with these... my favorite is the face tee!

Dani said...

uh oh! i want these!