a time to build up, a time to break down

ask me what i'd like to receive for any special day, and i'll inevitably draw a blank, stalling for a moment or two before mumbling a "well, nothing really.." i'm not quite sure what elicits this noncommittal response from me, considering on any given day, i can conjure up a mile-long lists of wants and desires from the fantastical to the mundane, whether it's a pair of swashbuckling chloĆ© thigh-high boots, some extra hours in my day, a personal assistant to help me get my life in order, or a lovely camel coat to take me through the winter. 

luckily for me, cameron seems to know what i'm wishing for even when i don't have the gumption to say it out loud. just when i needed something revitalizing to hoist me out of my perennial pre-winter rut, he rented a mini cooper and whisked me off to salem for the day. it was just what i needed - the open road, changing leaves, sing-alongs in the car, hot chocolate, walks along the wharf, hunting for vintage gems alongside adorable gay couples at an antique shop, and the particularly colorful characters that frequent salem all during the month of october - and the perfect to start to an exhausting but lovely weekend, consisting of birthday dinner in the north end with friends and adopted family, revamping a friend's style with the blessing of his parents, observing freshmen follies with a mixture of amusement and dismay, chowing down on free burgers, and blissfully ignoring any and all responsibilities.

p.s.: i'm a firm believer that one of the best parts about having roommates is getting to borrow amazing pieces like this mustard bomber, courtesy of blair.

p.p.s.: best news ever - mama pandora called and said she found my lost jewelry, scarves, and handbags from the beginning of the summer!! rejoicing.


selinaoolala said...

omg can't believe your jewellery was found! you must have done some good deedsfor some good karma, i'm so pleased for you!

Is This Real Life? said...

Cool outfit!
Love your sunglasses!

rebecca said...

i have such a long list of stuff i want i mean i could easily write one of those wedding lists and my mum is always telling me to actually save some money instead of spending it all but i have so many things to buy and it doesnt help that they are all expensive! wow that was a long sentence! and also that made me sound so spoiled! i am so not spoiled i buy everything with my hard earned money except my clothes and food. btw thanx for the lovely comment on my blog x

Clara said...

great colors.
i love your glasses.

Damsels said...

wow that sounds exactly like what i do ...i keep telling my bf i dont want anything for xmas or example when i really do.. i jsut cant bring myself to say it lets hope he knows better

Raez said...

wow, you look AMAZING in mustard, so hot, and perfect for fall:):)

xx raez