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remember when fashion bloggers everywhere started flipping out over nine west last spring? during the two weeks between the end of my sophomore year and the beginning of my trip to paris, i made it my life's mission to acquire a pair of heech sandals. i talked about them so much that my friends went ahead and gave me a nine west gift certificate as an early birthday gift, although in retrospect, it very well might have been a crafty attempt at getting me to purchase the damn things already and stop rambling on incessantly about them. 

the day i finally snagged a pair in black leather will go down in my personal fashion annals as one of my happiest sartorial moments, and to this day, i can't pass up a brown leather pair without seriously contemplating snatching them up. still, those heady days in hot pursuit of the heech actually mark my second love affair with nine west. way back in fourth or fifth grade - i'm talking about my crayola fashion design studio days here - i was completely obsessed with the brand. i nagged my mother until she caved and bought me a pair of strappy caramel platform sandals - so, so very nineties. 

anyway, the point of all this is that i've just plunged headfirst into my third nine west crush with these boots. aptly titled 'elation,' these shoes are the epitome of everything i want in a boot: simple, unadorned and sturdy, with a bit of slouch. christmas cash, meet your destiny. but as usual, i'm torn. black? ivory? ..both?

[via nine west]



Rae-Emily Smith said...

Love these! Im thinking ivory x

rebecca said...

i would say go for the black ones coz those ivory ones are going to look dreadful after a few months of wearing them. and the ivory ones could look tacky with the wrong outfit so go for the black ones for the safe option.
actually im reading my own advice and i think i would go for the ivory ones just to NOT be sensible. im 15 but im such a grandma!
so its your decision but i cant wait to see what you choose x

Raez said...

im loving them both, but im more partial to the beige ones. i can never find a sweet nude pair!

xx raez

Cindy said...

why have i not seen these?
i would normally say black but with the light sole i think the beige are cooler. perfect for spring with floral dresses.