the weather is good, the fishin' is fine, now what do you do with all of your time

well, the good news is i got through last week unscathed. the bad news is that there's still another week and a half of heavy duty work to come. luckily, there's a sunbeam at the end of tunnel, and it's hovering just above the great state of florida, where i'll be heading for spring break in just over two weeks.

when it comes to traveling, it's always a thrill to dive headfirst into the sights, smells, and quirks of a completely new place, but i reserve a special sort of well-worn affection for locales that i've visited once or thrice before. i've been to florida so many times i've lost count, but instead of indulging in the bustling tourism of orlando or the semi-dilapidated art deco decadence of miami, i'll be heading back to st. petersburg, a spot i've been hankering to return to since the last time i left.

"stop jumpin' around, you'll run out of breath, why don't you sit back and calm yourself?"

st. pete doesn't offer too much in the way of high-octane entertainment, but what it lacks in roller coasters and fireworks, it certainly makes up for with scenery and charm. my last visit felt like one extended lazy sunday, with long strolls along the boardwalk, languorous museum outings, and daily trips to a gelato shop so divine that i couldn't find a better one during all my time in europe.

if this all sounds like a senior citizen's version of heaven, that's because it pretty much is. the elderly population of st. pete is booming to say the least, but oddly enough, that's where i'm drawing inspiration from as i put together my travel wardrobe. i already know that st. pete living is easy, so i'm aiming to dress the part.

i wanted a single piece to function as a layering canvas, but didn't really feel like rustling up a flattering jumpsuit, so i opted for this simple black maxi dress instead. i followed up that purchase with a black turban (my fifth and final purchase for the month of february) and i admit it's all a bit reminiscent of a certain gushing missive i once dashed off about carmen miranda, but i'm actually going for what might happen if katharine hepburn, dorothy zbornak, and janis joplin had to share closet space.

i'm thinking uninterrupted ankle-length silhouettes, billowy tops, boyish vests, and striking accessories, perfect for everything from self-administered pedicures by the pool to dinners at slightly tacky seaside restos. just a couple more essential pieces to get a hold of, fourteen more days and i'm there.

i can not wait.

p.s. any suggestions on where i can get my hands on a flattering one-piece swimsuit?

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little shadow said...

Awww, thank-you so much for your sweet comment. Poison Ivy is truly the best. The fact that only us, and maybe 3 other people know how to appreciate it makes it all the more better.
Have fun in Florida, i'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the inspiration
as always, thanks for sharing
and thank you so so much for the lovely comments


Ruta said...

I wish I was in Florida right now. :(

I really want a 50's esque one piece swimsuit. No idea where to get one though. :(

The Man from Amsterdam said...

great vintage pics in the second collage!

rebecca said...

i love holidays where you go truly to relax and this sounds amazing! very jealous!
i just have exams and more exams to look forward to! x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Victoria's Secret! Ohmigosh they have such gorgeous one-piece swimsuits this season - I'm thinking of buying one (or five!) myself!! :)

C. said...

Oh I love these photos, Joplin! Perfection. I'm so jealous you're going somewhere warm!

xo, C

ellesappelle said...

Awesome photos, I love the Florida postcard!

Elaine said...

How exciting! Have funi n Florida! I have a black halter swimsuit and I love it. It's so flattering! I saw Target had one.


Margaux. said...

great collages!

¶ Michelle said...

Florida looks so beautiful! wowww wish I was there in your shoes!!