i'm on fire and now i think i'm ready to bust a move

the first word that comes to mind when i think about the summer to come is "purgatory."

of course, i'm terribly thrilled to be done with school, back in new york, and finally a stone's throw away from my boy after three summer seasons spent a world apart. it's just that i'm spending the next two months at home. with my parents. need i say more?

add this minor setback to the fact that a serious spate of ebenezer scrooge-status penny pinching is just about my only hope of getting my own place in the fall, and i find myself indulging almost exclusively in autumnal fashion fantasies in spite of myself.

i've had coats in particular on the brain for the past week or so, which led me last week to isabella oliver to check on the status of my beloved shirt coat. to make a long story short, i've been drooling over this coat for almost an entire year. with a fantastic swing shape and all the easygoing nonchalance of one of my favorite oversized button-downs, i knew i had to have it - immediately, and in camel. but as it turns out, my paychecks flew by just as quick as senior year did, and several months later i found myself looking at the shirt coat in a new thirty-five percent off light.

we both know what happened next, right? bought it, gift boxed it, and wrote myself a cute little note to boot. naturally, this puts my aforementioned penny pinching mission in a time-out corner of shame, but i can't help feeling like this is the perfect start to a great fall season nonetheless.

back me up on this one. me and my savings account aren't on very good terms right now.

[via isabella oliver]


annamargrete said...

I looooove that coat <3

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Love that coat. So hot.

rebecca said...

it is an amazing coat and yeah ive been there before. coats are so tempting! just think of it as an investment! it must be really exciting that youre gonna get youre own place but yeah just sit tight, living with your parents will be over with soon.. hopefully! just try not to buy another investment piece! x

Jess said...


That is perhaps the most perfect coat I may have ever seen & it's not like it was an impulse buy, so screw your savings account. It was an investment! & you can wear it forever.

Love it.

ellesappelle said...

i LOVE it!

kc said...

i love massive coats ! they are an essential for winter ! xx