slam, bam, and who really gives a damn

every now and then (read: all the time) i find myself on a vigorous hunt for some obscure garment or accessory: a well-worn leather shoulder bag in cream and tan hues, a scalloped piece a la chloe spring'09, or a simple but striking piece of jewelry that doesn't break the bank. if i succeed in my search, i proudly broadcast my retail prowess to the world via this blog, crowing over the latest addition to pandora's closet. if i don't fare as well, there's no harm and no foul, since i'm the only one who has to suffer the lack of said item in my life. but now, i'm including you all in the thrill of the hunt, thus inviting you to share partially in the subsequent joy or sorrow if i can snag what it is i'm looking for.
i'm a huge biggie fan, so i was standing in line opening weekend to see notorious, cold weather be damned. at the start of the movie, they depict biggie as a boy, portrayed by his young son and doppelganger, and i found myself hoping that the film would linger on that stage of his life, partly because the boy was simply adorable, but also because the glasses he wears are the optical equivalent of my calling. i need them in my life. i've been looking high and low for a similar style, but to no avail. i know you all are experts in the fashion field. help? any leads would be much appreciated.

p.s.: this must win some kind of award for the most notorious b.i.g.-related posts on a fashion blog.


Meg said...

Try Iris: http://www.iris-spectacles.co.uk
or Alain Mikli. But try ebay first, you might find a pair of stellar vintage ones which won't clean you out! The glasses are almost too hip for a little kid if you ask me!

Voodoo Child said...

Sorry I can't help, but I really want ot see the movie, he does look adorable though.

La Mode is Rad! said...

The boy is so adorable. Rad glasses!

Anonymous said...

hmm, maybe american apparel? they have some vintage lenses i think, hope that helps and thanks for stopping by my blog!

jessica said...

i think your best bet would be the sally ann .
or maybe fredflare, topshop, asos, american apparel, f21 ..


Arsheen said...

love the banner!

Brook and Lyn said...

So chubby and so cute! I don't know much about biggie..probably the only person.

Kay said...

These two look kinda similar, not sure they're quite what you're looking for though:


Also I'd definitely check out American Apparel

dapper kid said...

Woah, I defo need a pair of those glasses!

Molly said...

i MUST see this film.
oh and with the glasses- i find most optitians do similar ones in the mens section

good luck finding them!

net said...

SWEET glasses, adorable, I WANNA SEEEEEE

Candice said...

biggie biggie biggie cant you see,

YAY i want to see the movie too!

Karla said...

thank u:)