all the bandits that you turned your other cheek to

sad but true: i used to acquire jewelry the way i acquire my clothing - that is, with some semblance of a game plan at first, but ultimately snatched up in a heady bout of gotta-have-it mania. it was sort of an issue.

then last summer, my entire jewelry collection went missing for a few months, and my period of mourning gave me a bit of perspective and restraint. suddenly, i was researching pieces thoroughly, trying to determine what would actually be a worthy addition to my wardrobe. as a result of this careful consideration, i discovered a pretty rad collection or two and made some informed purchases before my things magically resurfaced in the fall.

since then, i've been pretty picky about what baubles i wear, especially since i tend to veer between understated and alexis bittar-style bold pieces. but when i opened an email from new york city-based jewelry line kueen, i found a welcome balance between those two extremes, and i have to say i'm hooked. the latest collection features grungy bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and body chains that are meant to suit men and women alike (hence, the name). the unstudied, androgynous appeal of the pieces, which are made from a blend of new and recycled materials, is irresistible.

i'm particularly drawn to the haphazardly rad vibe of the chains & handcuffs and hanging cross bracelets. eye-catching but still simple enough to slip on and forget about, i can't wait to put them into seriously heavy rotation.


My Republic of Fashion said...

I love that 2nd bracelet. :)SarahD

Jess said...

If I could get past my mental issue with jewelry made to look as if it means more...as in like the person has put it together from things they've found that have memories; then I think I would love this whole heatedly.

But I just can't.